Our History


     Welcome to the Florian II Supper Club! This Supper Club has had quite a history leading up to where it is today. The first use of this beautiful piece of Door County was in the 1800’s when it served as a stage coach inn. It helped to serve as a waypoint for weary travelers making their way up the county for mainly farming, logging, fishing, hunting and trapping. Because of all the people stopping through, the Inn was transformed into the original Door County seat. The seat was later moved to Sturgeon Bay.

     In the early 1900’s the building became the Panther Hotel and Fishing Lodge. Again it served travelers and those seeking a living from the bounty of Lake Michigan. Through the 1930’s to 40’s the business changed ownership again and was named Cerkowski’s House of Mr. C. Lodge & Restaurant. From this point on the original building was used as a restaurant and hotel. Following the Charkowski’s it was owned by a Mandy Peterson and continued on as a restaurant and lodge. 

     It was in 1956 that our family came into the history. That year Florian Kwaterski and wife Ada purchased the business. It was not even a planned purchase. Florian went to collect a debt and instead came back to Ada with the deed to a business. This simple day changed the lives of the Kwaterski family forever. The newly acquired business was named the FlorAda club after the two new entrepreneurs. They ran the business almost completely with family. Florian’s mother (Great Grandma Walther) started in the kitchen and was in charge of making all the homemade recipes. Florian and Ada’s sons and daughters all worked in the business and it flourished as one of Door County’s earliest Supper Clubs.

     A dark cloud in the history occurred in 1971. An electrical fire completely destroyed the original building. The family was about to loose the business and life would have been very different for the family. But, like the legendary Phoenix that is the symbol of our Polish heritage, a new would rise from the ashes. In 1972 Florian’s twin sons, Joe and Jerry, returned early from college and purchased the land from their father in order to keep the business alive. They rebuilt and ever since this piece of history has been known as the Florian II Supper Club. 

     Both sons have since had families of their own. Jerry married in 1984 to Mindy Keogh. They have two children, daughter Sheena, and son Shane. Joe settled down shortly after in 1987 and married Tina Hart. They have three sons; Dylan, Brandon, and Ryan. All five of the children were raised working in the family business. This makes for a total of four generations of Kwaterskis who have worked this family business. 

    Joe, Jerry, Mindy, Tina, Dylan, Brandon, and Ryan can all still be found almost every night running the business. Joe and Dylan run the bar. Mindy, Tina and Ryan run the dinning room. And Jerry and Brandon run the kitchen. All around our family is here to serve you in the personal ways only a family can, with the same old fashioned home grown recipes that Great Grandma helped start all those years ago. 

     So again, welcome to the Florian II, a true Door County Supper Club landmark for 58 years. Let us help you remember old time memories and form some new ones with your family!


“Thank you for dining with us in our living room” 

  The Kwaterski Family